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Agriturismo IPoderi

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Our story

I Poderi is our farming and Agriturismo project, deep down in the
Tuscan countryside. A unique location for two important structures,
Poder Poderuccio and Podere Palazzone, right in the heart of the
fantastic Pietraporciana Natural Reserve.

Our Farm, is born from a vision rooted in the passion for nature and
for what is still pure and untouched, far away from the hectic pace
of our daily lives, and detached from our wellbeing.
So we decided to make our dream come true! Working day and
night (please take a look at our behind the scenes..), we have
completed an inner journey, an uplifting experience which flows
through nature. This same journey, is the one you can embrace and
take back home with you, and is the one deeply connected to your
emotions and your deepest ‘’SELF’’.


About Us



Podere Poderuccio B&B in Vald’ Orcia



Podere Poderuccio

Podere Palazzone – Villa in Toscana



Podere Palazzone

E v e n t s

Weddings Parties



Surrounded by nature, in the splendid Pietraporciana Natural
Reserve, right at the bottom of Borgo di Castiglioncello Sul Trinoro,
this is the ideal solution, for your holiday, a weekend to celebrate
your wedding and your own intimate event.
Our strengths are a simple way of life, based around b
iological agriculture and a genuine and Healthy cooking. We use
products we grow in our garden, from our olive trees and vineyards,
which we then cook in our balanced recipes.
With an informal approach, our customer care is at the base of that
special day.

Anna Maria questa ultima frase non l’ho capita interamente, magari
puoi chiarificare:
Organizzare un matrimonio o evento delle Nazioni Unite in
posizione this E vieni Disegnare Una cartolina e portarla sempre nel


Our Cuisine

La Cucina del sole

Agriturismo IPoderi

O u r


A real experience! We can guarantee a relaxing time at the table as well.
You don’t have to worry about the authentic goodness of what you eat, because your palate will be satisfied thanks to the quality of our fresh products.
The production of vegetables that we use in the kitchen guarantee you an authentic and naturally good nutrition.



Dishes with antique wheat Senatore Cappelli of our own production

Bruschetta al Pomodoro


Pappa al pomodoro


Vegetarian dishes with veggies from our food garden.

Vegetarian burger


Hoummous chickpeas with raw vegetables